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Students have a special appreciation for the books they have selected to add to the library shelves.  They enjoy sharing them with their classmates!  


This is a wonderful way to commemorate a very special occasion and to help our library maintain a high-quality collection.  

Your generosity will benefit all Fox students.

We thank you for your participation and support!

The Birthday Book Program is a wonderful way to honor your child's birthday and also give something that the rest of the school will enjoy for years to come. 

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How it works: 


  1. Join the Birthday Book Club!  By contributing $20.00 to the Birthday Book Program, a student is invited to come to the library and select a new book to become their special birthday book that will be a part of the school library.

  2. On your child’s birthday (or available day near their birthday), they will choose a new library book from the “Birthday Book Box.”  Their name will go on a special book plate inside the cover in celebration of their day.  Your child will also have the first opportunity to check out the book.

  3. All donated program funds are used to purchase library bound/ready books, hardcover books (when available), name plates, spine covers, and any materials needed to cover books not available to purchase as library ready. 

  4. You may also choose to contribute additional scholarship funds.

  5. If you have a summer birthday, please turn in form ASAP, otherwise please submit form now or at least one week before your child’s birthday.

Ms. Logan’s Picks for Winter Reading

Whether you’re looking for a book to gift or one to bring home from the library and read snuggled up with a child, here are some suggestions sure to make our long winter days a little bit warmer.

First, check out the newest book of former Fox teacher, Gretchen McLellan, I’m Done!  Little Beaver puts one twig across a stream and declares, “I’m done!”  Of course, his parents disagree.  Told with humor and filled with realistic drawings of wildlife, this book is a lesson in perseverance kids will enjoy. (32 pages, 2.0 reading level)

Emerging readers will enjoy David Adler’s series of books about Mo, a boy who keeps trying to play sports with very mixed results.  From soccer (Kick it, Mo! .8) to baseball (Get a Hit, Mo! 1.8), to football (Don’t Throw it to Mo! 1.9), Mo teaches kids to keep trying even when success doesn’t seem possible.  Pass the Ball, Mo!, Mo’s attempt at basketball, comes out in February.  (32 pages, .8-1.9 reading levels)

Mo Willems (Elephant & Piggie) is back with the Unlimited Squirrels series, featuring a cast of squirrels, acorns, and guests (you might even find the pigeon).  In this first issue, a squirrel loses a tooth, which begins a frantic search for the missing tooth--after all, it was a BABY tooth!  Interspersed with the squirrel’s zany antics, readers will find jokes, facts, and quizzes.  This series is going to fly off the shelves! (82 p., 1.4 reading level)

If your reader likes action and humor, try Knights vs. Dinosaurs, by Matt Phelan.  In this illustrated novel, a few of King Arthur’s knights must fight dinosaurs when they accidentally travel to another time.  This silly and suspenseful tale will appeal to a wide range of readers.  (148 p., 3.4 reading level)

Inkling, by Kenneth Oppel, is the story of Ethan, a boy facing some tough issues.  When he agrees to create the drawings for a school assignment, something strange happens—an ink blob comes to life and begins to explore Ethan’s home.  When the blog (nicknamed Inkling) goes missing, Ethan and his family have to face some of their challenges to bring him home.  A funny and touching book that deals with loss and the creative process. (256 p., 4th grade reading level)